Curry Class Note

Diane Hoekstra

Diane Hoekstra (1991) Diane is  a 1991 graduate of the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology.

Her daughter, Grace just graduated with a Masters from the Curry School and attended UVA as an undergraduate. Grace was captain of the UVA Women’s Rowing Team. Diane’s son, Joseph is a sophomore at Frostburg State University and wants to take after his grandfather and become a Game Warden.

This past year, Diane has moved, gotten married, become a grandmother, launched my children, and well–that’s a lot!!!

Diane Hoekstra's Curry Memory

My years at UVA are among the most treasured of my entire life–I consider myself privileged to have attended such a beautiful, prestigious school and to have learned from such brilliant, gifted faculty. My fondest memories include hanging with Karen Loftus watching Miami Vice (haha) and my training in the Family Stress Clinic with Dave Waters. So many more!!!

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