Class Notes Submitted in April, 2017

Brian Kissell (Ph.D. ’06 Elem Ed)

When Writers Drive the Workshop—Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices
by Brian T. Kissel, Ph.D.
Stenhouse, 2017.

In this practical, engaging book, former elementary school teacher and university professor Brian Kissel asks teachers to go back to the roots of writing workshop. What happens when students, not planned teaching points, lead writing conferences? What happens when students, not tests, determine what they learned through reflection and self-evaluation?

George Martin (Ed.D. ’92 Engl Ed) celebrated the third anniversary of starting a learning corporation with his wife at Market Square in Midlothian, Virginia. “We have tutored hundreds of students: from those learning their alphabet to those wishing to obtain certification to become teachers or nurses.”

George is the author of The Golden Boy: A Biography of Jackie Jensen (2000).

George Martin's Curry Memory

“I recall that about the time I was graduating from Curry, word was that the parking area opposite Ruffner Hall was about to undergo construction for a parking garage. I thought of the many times I drove into the parking lot in hopes of finding a spot for less than an hour to pick up or drop off papers–only to find no spots were available.”