Curry Class Note

Thomas L. Howard III

Thomas L. Howard III (M.Ed. ’14 SAPHE) Society Ties coverSociety Ties: A History of the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia
by Thomas L. Howard III and Owen W. Gallogly,
(University of Virginia Press, April 2017)

Society Ties is a history of the University of Virginia’s oldest student organization, the Jefferson Society. Founded in 1825, the Society has counted the likes of Woodrow Wilson and Edgar Allan Poe among its membership and continues to be one of the largest and most active student organizations on Grounds. Society Ties is more than just the story of the Jefferson Society, however; it is a history of student life at the University of Virginia. The book explores what motivates students during their time at the University and how they experience the ineffable place that is Jefferson’s Academical Village.

Although there is a growing body of scholarship on the history of the University, little attention has been paid to student life, with a focus instead on administrative and institutional developments. The Jefferson Society has received less attention still—though similar groups at other institutions have received significant historical treatment—largely because no historian has until now been granted access to the Society’s archives.

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