Curry Class Note

Patricia B. Walters, EdD

Patricia B. Walters, EdD (M.Ed. ’85 Admin & Supv) is celebrating 20 years as founder and director of the non-profit organization, Private Schools Interscholastic Association, Inc. “PSIA now serves more than 50,000 privately schooled children in Texas with coordinated academic competition for grades 1-8. PSIA hosts 24 districts throughout the state, with the top students advancing to a state competition in April and May. Contests in 20 subject areas, comprising 59 grade-level events, which include Art Memory, Calculator Applications, Computer Information Skills, Creative Writing, Dictionary Skills, Impromptu Speaking, Listening Skills, Maps, Graphs & Charts, Mathematics, Modern Oratory, Music Memory, Number Sense, One-Act Play, On-Site Drawing, Prose and Poetry Interpretation, Ready Writing, Science, Spelling, Storytelling, and Vocabulary.

“PSIA welcomes ALL schools into this 501(c)(3) program that are not served by the public school programs of Texas.

“The PSIA slogan is ‘Inspiring Student Achievement Through Academic Competition,’ and our member schools assure us that these challenging contest bring enthusiasm to spring academic activities. PSIA aspires to inspire, reaffirming that students are the focus of our endeavor and all deserve opportunities to . . .
• refine physical and mental aptitudes;
• build self-confidence and a sense of pride;
• experience teamwork and develop a sense of fair play;
• develop the ability to lead and the willingness to follow;
• foster self-discipline and perseverance;
• appreciate that rules, consistently applied, create order and discipline;
• learn to graciously accept the decisions of judges and officials;
• affirm self-worth in times of disappointment, as well as adulation;
• cultivate life-time skills;
• complement their class work with practice and performance;
• experience the joy of achieving their potential in a wholesome environment;
• discover that ultimately the true meaning of winning is doing one’s best; AND
• have fun!”

Patricia B. Walters, EdD's Curry Memory

“As so many others, some of my fondest memories include studying in the beautiful Rotunda area and library. Because I was a mother of young teens in 1985 when I graduated with my masters degree from UVA, I don’t have any wonderful dorm experiences to share, but I sincerely believe that the essence of my Educational Administration and Curriculum training come from my experiences and the dedicated professors at University of Virginia, and I am truly grateful.

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