Curry Class Note

Maureen Hall

Maureen Hall (Ph.D. ’03 English Ed) was promoted to the rank of full professor of education at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in September 2016. “Also, I got married last June to Daniel Brush. He is an electronics engineering teacher at Old Colony Regional Technical High School in Rochester, Mass.

“I will be on sabbatical in the fall of 2017, and I am awaiting notification of another Fulbright in India. I have passed the first level of review, and I won’t know about these next levels until May of 2017. If I receive this Fulbright, I will be on sabbatical for all of 2017-2018 and conducting research in the state of Kerala in India.

“There was a recent story on my university site about a scholarship that I created in memory of my parents. (One correction is that the photo is from my wedding to Daniel Brush on June 18, 2016. We did have a spiritual wedding ceremony in India on March 21, 2015, but this picture is from my Hindu ceremony in New Bedford, Massachusetts at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.)”

Maureen Hall's Curry Memory

“I have many fond memories of coffee shop chats with Professor Stan Trent. He was a nurturing force in my UVA experience!”

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