Curry Class Note

Keri Fox

Keri Fox (M.Ed. ’94) “After 40 years in the classroom setting working as a teacher of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, classroom teacher, reading specialist, and as an ESL teacher, I decided to apply for the position as a Dual Language Assessment Specialist in our county. I now assess English learners who are experiencing difficulty in the classroom and work to figure out if the concerns are due to acquiring English as a second language or other cause. It is a challenge yet a true honor to work with these students. My degree in reading from UVA provides me with such a strong background when dealing with phonology, comprehension, and fluency. Though I miss being in the classroom more than I ever dreamed possible, I am happy to be meeting students and their families and am amazed and delighted by their smiling faces and passion for learning. Education is the key to a good life. The relationships we build with our students make a difference well beyond our short time together.”

Keri Fox's Curry Memory

“When I was working on my master’s in Reading at the McGuffey Center, one of the students I tutored was waiting in the lobby for his parents to pick him up. He pulled the fire alarm and all of Ruffner Hall had to be evacuated. When the police asked him why he had pulled the alarm, he said, ‘I just got finished reading “CALL 911,” and so I did!’ We all turned around so he could not see us laughing.”

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