Curry Class Note

Forrest Rea Marshall, III

Forrest Rea Marshall, III (M.Ed. ’85 C&I) retired after 31 years of teaching in Rochester, New York.  He taught accelerated students in Advanced Placement Spanish and French, as well as international baccalaureate French.  “I have moved back to Virginia living in the West End of Richmond.   Here I work as a freelance Spanish interpreter and am enjoying my new home as well as being close to my family again.  As is the case with many retirees I am beginning to travel and explore places yet to see on Earth.”

Forrest Rea Marshall, III's Curry Memory

“My years at UVA  both as an undergraduate and graduate student were the happiest years of my life. The UVA Glee Club and Virginia Gentlemen, as well as my studies in Romance languages, and additionally my studies abroad in Europe, all molded my character and, in turn, resulted in my becoming a highly successful professional. Being a Charlottesville native, attending UVA was a dream fulfilled. As a UVA graduate I felt my career was not meant to focus on personal financial gain or notoriety but that my career was a spiritual path that I was born to follow. About a dozen of my former students in Rochester chose to go into education and are currently teaching Romance languages in different states across the nation. This was a great tribute to me and evidence of the impact I had on their lives.

At the age of 40 I received the high school yearbook dedication at Pittsford Mendon High School, an honor traditionally reserved for retiring educators.  Without my southern heritage and the values reinforced while at UVA, I doubt my career would have been so successful and fulfilling.  I will never forget Donald Loach who was the director of the UVA Glee Club during my years as an undergraduate and graduate student as he inspired me to never be satisfied with mediocrity.  Also  the support I received from the faculty at the Curry School was fundamental in providing me with a strong professional foundation that allowed me to enter the tremendously challenging world of public education. I carry UVA inside me every day and give thanks for being part of Mr. Jefferson’s great vision and the ongoing experiment that is UVA;  creating well-rounded young adults from all parts of the world who strive for excellence.”


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