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Mary McKay

Mary McKay (M.Ed. ’13 Soc Fdns) Mary McKay cover

Swimming Lessons: How Our Mental Healthcare System Fails Us
A Mother’s Personal Reflections And Cry For Help
by Mary McKay.
October 2016,
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“When someone talks about their crazy family— the critical mother, the manipulative sibling, the hyperactive kid, the remote father, the disastrous and painfully hilarious family vacations and holidays—I now understand that ‘crazy’ is on a long continuum that reaches from ‘quirky’ to catastrophic, but only a few (if any) are lucky enough to avoid that continuum altogether. In fact, if you exist, I want to meet you.” (p. 23)

A firsthand account of parenting two children with behavioral and emotional illness, this story casts a spotlight on the dysfunction of the mental health system and offers demands for change. Too many families suffer behind closed doors due to stigma and lack of solutions, which often leads to tragedy. This story references recent violent events that have proven the massive national need to address the mental illness epidemic. Swimming Lessons is a personal story, but it is a national story as well.

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