Curry Class Note

Charles (Chap) Percival

Charles (Chap) Percival (M.Ed. ’88 AV C&I) was featured in a story by the  Sarasota, Fla., Herald Tribune about the upcoming total solar eclipse. Read: This retired Pine View teacher really wants you to see 2017’s total solar eclipse

Quoted from the story:

“Once the sun is half covered up, the quality of light changes,” he says. “The temperature drops. You can actually see the shadow of the moon projected on the sky. You can see it rushing toward you. The very last thing you see is this diamond ring effect before the moon hides the rest of the sun, and when you’re with people there’s lots of shouting and hollering.

“It’s unlike anything you’ll ever experience. You can see how people who didn’t know what was going on would be absolutely terrified. It would terrify anyone.”

Percival is 69 – he retired from Pine View last year – but he sounds like a schoolboy when he starts talking about eclipses.

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