Curry Class Note

Erin Ottmar

Erin Ottmar (Ph.D. .’11 Ed Psych: ADS) was awarded an AERA Study of Deeper Learning (AERA-SDL) Fellowship. “As a part of this fellowship, I will use the Study of Deeper Learning dataset to investigate direct and indirect relations between cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal opportunities, non-cognitive outcomes, and student achievement outcomes in reading, math, and science. Examining whether there are differences in predictability of student outcomes in deeper learning network and non-network schools will help build a stronger understanding of what types of DL opportunities and strategies can best develop the complex skills that students need to be successful in school and can also be used to inform future intervention designs and research studies.”

Erin was also awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). “This project uses smartwatches and cell phone technology to train middle school students in mathematics and computational thinking by creating augmented reality games with math-related challenges. This new genre of embodied technologies (mobile and wearable devices that involve motion and physical activity) will allow children to create math games while also enabling them to play each other’s math games. The project intends to advance scientific knowledge on how people learn, as it investigates how to teach mathematics and computing through game play and game design.”

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