Class Notes Submitted in November, 2016

Frederic Babbitt (M.Ed. ’77 Couns Ed) after serving as principal of Hillyard Middle School for 11 years, retired in 2011 and performed part-time supervision of student teachers and practicum students for UVA and JMU until this year. Now fully retired, he lives with wife Janis in Harrisonburg, Va.

Elizabeth Brann (M.Ed. ’03 Foreign Lang Ed) is starting the new World Language Program at Meriwether Lewis Elementary School in the Albemarle County Public School System in Charlottesville. She was featured recently by the local CBS TV news affiliate: Meriwether Elementary students learn French as second language. The piece was highlighted in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ Smart Brief on October 25!

Megan Burgess (B.S. Ed. ’06 Sports Med) baby Johnand her husband Nathan welcomed their first child, John Preston, on April 29, 2016. Megan is a center manager with SSM Physical Therapy in St. Louis, Missouri, but will soon transition to lab and lecture assistant for Washington University in St. Louis Physical Therapy Program, in addition to research physical therapist at the same facility.

Jeff Ewing (M.Ed. ’89 Couns Ed) after spending 19 years working in Student Affairs on a small campus and then working for two different regional accrediting agencies, just began a new position as Senior Consultant for Executive Search with Keeling & Associates. “We focus primarily on searches in student life related fields. Three years ago we moved from Philadelphia to the San Francisco area and love living here and I am enjoying my lack of a commute as I work from home.”

Richard Ferguson (M.Ed. ’85, Ph.D. ’91 Health & PE) is professor and chair in the Department of Physical Education, Wellness and Sport Science at Averett University, Danville, Va.  He is also the new owner of a home in the French Alps!

Carl Mattacola (M.Ed. ’91, Ph.D. ’96 Health & PE) was recently promoted to Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs at the University of Kentucky’s College of Health Sciences.

Sarah Bradford McCollum (B.S.Ed. ’12 Kines) Hospital medicinegraduated in May 2016 from the Clarkson University Physician Assistant program. Her master’s research, “Morphological Variation of the Carotid Arterial System Increases the Risk of Development of Central Nervous System Ischemia,” was published in Clinical Medicine Reviews in Vascular Health. She is working as a hospitalist PA for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Pamela Moran (M.Ed. ’80 Sci Ed; Ed.D. ’97 Admin & Supv)

superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools, was given the 2016 Administrator of the Year Award from the Virginia Music Educators Association. VMEA is a statewide nonprofit that promotes the advancement of music education in schools and other learning institutions. Read more in Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Erin Ottmar (Ph.D. .’11 Ed Psych: ADS) was awarded an AERA Study of Deeper Learning (AERA-SDL) Fellowship. “As a part of this fellowship, I will use the Study of Deeper Learning dataset to investigate direct and indirect relations between cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal opportunities, non-cognitive outcomes, and student achievement outcomes in reading, math, and science. Examining whether there are differences in predictability of student outcomes in deeper learning network and non-network schools will help build a stronger understanding of what types of DL opportunities and strategies can best develop the complex skills that students need to be successful in school and can also be used to inform future intervention designs and research studies.”

Erin was also awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). “This project uses smartwatches and cell phone technology to train middle school students in mathematics and computational thinking by creating augmented reality games with math-related challenges. This new genre of embodied technologies (mobile and wearable devices that involve motion and physical activity) will allow children to create math games while also enabling them to play each other’s math games. The project intends to advance scientific knowledge on how people learn, as it investigates how to teach mathematics and computing through game play and game design.”