Curry Class Note

John Harms

John Harms (M.Ed, ’71, Ed.S. ’77 Couns Ed) John Harmshas been retired since 1999. “I am now living at Patriots Colony, a Continuing Care Retirement Community for Military Officers. This after living 30 years in Hawaii. Still counseling a few high school student who are grandchildren of residents, primarily using the online SVIB. The School of Education has changed significantly from, I believe, the three buildings we were using on the Main Grounds in 1971 and ’77. Dr. Paul Walters was our mentor and adviser to the numerous US Marines that attended the Ed Graduate programs then.

John Harms's Curry Memory

“Dr. Paul Walters and UVA will always be as one in my mindset of Curry. I was in Vietnam, had applied to UVA under the Marine Corps Advanced Degree Program, but heard nothing from them. For some strange reason I had my Graduate School catalog with me. Remembered the name Paul Walters and sent him a letter requesting status. Within three weeks had all my acceptance paperwork and a letter of apology from Dr. Walter.

“One of the most interesting events was my Mental Test and Measurement Course. The US had started bombing Cambodia and some students ask the professor if they could take their current grades and protest against this Government activity. He stated yes and they waltzed out of class. Well, we two Marine’s in the class explained this to Dr. Walter and stated we wanted to take our current grade and show support for this activity. Dr. Walter said go ahead. We did, the professor had no option but to let us go, and he became somewhat of a laughing stock of the Ed faculty.”

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