Curry Class Note

Winifred Wegmann

Winifred Wegmann (M.Ed. ’77 Couns Ed) “After using my M.Ed. in Counseling in a variety of settings in higher education and law firm administration in Charlottesville, Washington, DC, New York City and Albuquerque, I moved back to Charlottesville in the mid 90s when my husband accepted a position at the University. I involved myself in a number of local volunteer organizations, which led me in a roundabout way to working in a specialty store. Once our kids were out of college I decided to open my own shop — Pour la Maison, on Ivy Road not far from the University. I sell tabletop and other gifts for the home sourcing from France and Italy whenever possible. I call it my “fun” career and am so happy to be doing it.”

Winifred Wegmann's Curry Memory

“We had some interesting experiential group exercises in one of our required courses. As a result one of my best friends to this day is a classmate who came to my defense, so to speak.”

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