Curry Class Note

Sheila Chrobak

Sheila Chrobak (B.S.Ed. ’94 Speech Path & Aud) Sheila Chrobak“It’s hard to believe that I began my practice, Dot to Dot: Pediatric Speech Language Therapy LLC, a bit over 8 years ago! After moving into a new office space last summer, I’ve had the opportunity to expand the number of children and families I serve. Incorporating a wide variety of therapy approaches and philosophies into each child’s individualized plan continues to be a cornerstone to my practice and I appreciate all of the learning opportunities that I have been lucky enough to participate in over recent years.”

Sheila Chrobak's Curry Memory

“Driving by Barrett Early Learning Center on Ridge Street always reminds me of the amazing volunteer opportunity I had as an undergrad to go into the center and read to groups of children in order to support language and vocabulary development.”

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