Class Notes Submitted in August, 2016

Lisa Derrenbacker (M.Ed. ’81 Speech Path & Aud) Lisa Derrenbackerhas worked for 30 years in Information Technology. “I never practiced in the field of Audiology. I have a presence on Facebook and Linked In.”

Ryan Eagles (M.Ed. ’07 Speech Path & Aud) and her husband will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this year. “We have a son who is turning 6. I am loving working with the under 3 population and their families.”

Kimberly Edwards (B.S.Ed ’09, M.Ed. ’11 Speech Path & Aud) is a Virginia and Washington, DC, certified speech language pathologist. She is working as the Transitions Program coordinator and speech-language pathologist for KIPP DC Public Charter Schools in the newly founded Learning Center. The center services preschool, elementary and middle school students who require specialized instruction and related services in a full-time setting outside of general education. She is currently pursuing her ABA Certification from George Mason University to become a board certified behavior analyst.

Harrison Gordon (M.Ed. ’84 Couns Ed) “My wife and I moved to the Charlottesville area around Thanksgiving of 2014 after many years in the Lancaster, Penn., area. It is nice to be back in C’ville!”

Kristen Healy (M.Ed. ’05 Speech Path & Aud) is currently travel therapy-ing for 3 month assignments all over the country! “I love this opportunity to work in a variety of settings, meet new people, and build my skills and knowledge one awesome city at a time! Also, I just began working on my Doctorate in Speech Pathology through Nova Southeastern- Doctor Kristen, coming to you (if all goes well) in 2019!! All of these adventures wouldn’t be possible without the strong foundation provided for me by UVA!!!”

Marie Ireland (M.Ed. ’97 Speech Path & Aud) was named a Board Certified Specialist in Child Language and Language Disorders (BCS-CL) by the American Board of Child Language and Language Disorders (and approved by the Council on Clinical Certification of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) in January 2016.

Sara B. Kajder (Ph.D. ’05 English Ed) received the Ocie T. Dekle Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Georgia College of Education. Earlier this year, she received the inaugural Divergent Award for Excellence in 21st Century Literacies from the National Center for 21st Century Literacies.

Allison Leach (M.Ed. ’95 Speech Path & Aud) APLeach8116never left Charlottesville! “After grad school, I worked in the city schools and when I had my daughters (Morgan-17, Haley-15) I stayed at home. Once they were off to daycare, I began working at Curry as a research scientist. My work focuses on early language and literacy and teacher-child interactions.”

Allison Leach's Curry Memory

“Eating lots of Bodos in the student lounge of the ‘condemned’ building (it’s not there any more!) and writing up clinical notes. The then new professor’s (Dr. Robey) really informative but super hard classes. And his bits of wisdom, especially when dealing with older patients who suffer from communication disorders” ‘Some days will be hard and some days will be easy.’ Ain’t that the truth about life for all of us?”

Dana Levitt (M.Ed. ’95, Ph.D. ’01 Couns Ed) Levitt cover2

A Guide to Graduate Programs in Counseling
by Tyler Kimbel and Dana Levitt
(Coming in 2017, Oxford University Press).

Dana Levitt (M.Ed. ’95, Ph.D. ’01 Couns Ed) Dana Levittwas promoted to professor in the Counseling and Educational Leadership Department at Montclair State University.

Dana Heller Levitt co-authored the book, A Guide to Graduate Programs in Counseling, with Tyler Kimbel (2017, Oxford University Press).