Curry Class Note

Kathleen Brophy

Kathleen Brophy (M.Ed. ’16 Couns Ed) Kathleen Brophyis starting her first year as an (international) school counselor in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. “I am working at a college prep school for Chinese students as a middle school counselor (grades 7 & 8). Thus far, the experience has been fantastic, as I could not have imagined a more excitingly different and challenging work environment. I learn something everyday, whether it be from my peers or students. I am enjoying the challenge of working with and advocating for English language learners. Every day I am able to practice Chinese with my students, as they practice their English and share their culture with me. I am excited to implement what I learned from my amazing professors at UVA here in China.”

Kathleen Brophy's Curry Memory

“All of my incredible counselor educators at UVA! I am so thankful for them.”

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