Curry Class Note

Allison Leach

Allison Leach (M.Ed. ’95 Speech Path & Aud) APLeach8116never left Charlottesville! “After grad school, I worked in the city schools and when I had my daughters (Morgan-17, Haley-15) I stayed at home. Once they were off to daycare, I began working at Curry as a research scientist. My work focuses on early language and literacy and teacher-child interactions.”

Allison Leach's Curry Memory

“Eating lots of Bodos in the student lounge of the ‘condemned’ building (it’s not there any more!) and writing up clinical notes. The then new professor’s (Dr. Robey) really informative but super hard classes. And his bits of wisdom, especially when dealing with older patients who suffer from communication disorders” ‘Some days will be hard and some days will be easy.’ Ain’t that the truth about life for all of us?”

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