Curry Class Note

Kimberly Monge-Ferra

Kimberly Monge-Ferra (M.Ed. ’14 Speech Path & Aud) was interviewed on local NBC 29 News about her participation in the July 4, 2016, Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello. She moved to the U.S. 16 years ago from Costa Rica, with her mother.

“Honestly, we were in search of the American dream. My mom was a single mom, and so the situation in Costa Rica isn’t great and she was just like let’s try this out, we know people out in the states,” she said.

Monday, Monge-Ferra walked across the stage at Monticello to accept her certificate while her family cheered loudly from the crowd. She now works at the University of Virginia Medical Center as a speech pathologist.

“It’s a beautiful reminder of the American dream. You know it’s not just an ideal, it’s possible and it takes a lot, but it does happen,” said Monge-Ferra.

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