Curry Class Note

Ree Messer

Ree Messer (M.Ed. ’92 Reading) Ree Messer“Following a horrendous car accident in March 1994, necessitating a cervical fusion, I was unable to continue teaching the K-1 “at-risk” class; hence my career as a Reading Specialist began…. With the blessings of a wonderful principal, I served many roles: (1) Classroom Teacher (or preferably co-teacher) in the Language Arts; (2) pull-out Resource teacher for small “at risk” groups; (3) pull-out Resource teacher for total-grade “gifted” groups; (4) Teacher & Parent Resource providing group & individual instruction, as well as appropriate materials and/or contacts; (5) monthly display Resource (in conjunction with the school Librarian) providing key quotations taken from authors & illustrators using visual examples of their works; (6) school representative developing new county-wide Language Arts Curriculum; (7) Chair of Child Study Committee; (8) member of Grant Committee; and (9) Chair for Resource teachers.
“Due to the continuing effects caused by the aforementioned accident, I was forced to retire on disability nine years later in July 2003; then followed ten years of numerous back & neck surgeries, as well as other areas (some years as many as four)!!!

“We moved in April 2014 from Fredericksburg (our home of 38 years) to Sun City Hilton Head, a Del Webb community in South Carolina. The area (8 miles north of Savannah) is so beautiful, it’s often referred to as “Paradise”. My husband (Mark) still works as a telecommunications engineer in Washington, DC. My son (Stephen) has joined him at DC Net; prior to that, he spent 11 years in the Air Force (6 years stationed in San Antonio, TX & 5 years traveling the globe); he now lives in Fredericksburg.

“My daughter (Amy) has completed her Masters in Social Work from USC and was working for MARSOC with Marines suffering from PTSD; currently she is helping develop a program on Resilience Training for families. She married a Special Ops Marine (Corey) and they blessed me on July 29, 2014 with a gorgeous granddaughter, Alexandria Rae; they are currently based at Camp LaJeune, NC.”

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