Curry Class Note

Meghan O’Leary

Meghan O’Leary (M.Ed. ’08 Soc Fdns) will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after winning the Women’s Double Sculls event with her rowing partner Ellen Tomek at the U.S. Olympic Trials in April.

“I remember waiting until I saw Ellen put her hands over her head before I allowed the surge of emotions to erupt from inside of me. I yelled with everything I had left, a wave of adrenaline coursing through my body as I threw my fist in the air, grabbing Ellen’s hand with the other. We did it. Pure joy. Relief. Then disbelief. And finally, numbness. Those moments after a race are always fuzzy, and everything seems to happen quickly–a blur of images passing through your brain, sort of like those dreams you have when you’re half awake, half asleep. Reality, but still a foggy existence..”

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