Curry Class Note

J. Roy Vorhauer

J. Roy Vorhauer (M.Ed. ’67, Ed.D. ’77 Admin & Supv) Unshackled cover

by J. Roy Vorhauer, 2013

Just received a great review from the Daily Press.

Read an interview with Vorhauer in the Virginia magazine.

“J. Roy Vorhauer worked for 27 years as teacher, coach, principal, and professor, trying throughout his career to improve race relations in schools. At U.Va. he was influenced by Professors James Bash and Nathan Johnson, who founded the Curry School Desegregation Center. The Curry School created the center in 1967 to support public school districts in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. by training teachers and administrators in schools being desegregated.”

About the Book

In mid-century Virginia, Jack Ringler and Tamara Bird begin a torrid romance. However, the only problem is that Jack is white, and Tamara is black. Relegated to an old abandoned building for months, their relationship grows in love and intensity until the shocking truth is finally revealed. Torn apart by their parents, Jack and Tamara begin life down separate paths while never letting the other out of their hearts. Ripped apart by family and nefarious societal leaders, will Jack and Tamara be able to traverse life’s obstacles and make it back to each other? Or is their love simple destined to fail? And even more importantly, will they be able to survive the ramifications of their love.

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