Curry Class Note

Ed Moses

Ed Moses (B.S.Ed. ’04 Health & PE) was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Virginia magazine article, “’Hoos got the medals: Catching up with some of UVA’s Olympians“:

Co-founder of Mojo Marketing & Media; recently launched a sports app called StatFuel

Gold and Silver in swimming, Sydney, 2000

Some advice: “There’s no secret sauce for figuring out what it takes to get there and win. When I was at UVA—and everyone else was partying—I felt I had a responsibility. Be organized, disciplined, have a plan. Prepare and know that on that day, you’ll do everything you can.”

Favorite flashback: Closing ceremonies. “Hundreds of thousands of people in the stadium, and tens of millions more watching on TV. Strangers from all over, just coming up and wanting to touch you. They might not have even known my name or my event, but they knew what those medals meant, what they stood for. It was such an honor. So humbling.”

A few more words: “People always ask what was it like to stand on the podium with gold and silver around your neck, and my answer always catches them off guard. I tell them I expected it. I’d dreamed of that moment every day and night. When it happened, I felt like I knew it would happen.”

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