Curry Class Note

Elizabeth S. Hasseltine

Elizabeth S. Hasseltine (B.S. Ed. ’15, current M.Ed. student, Speech Path & Aud) and the following colleagues from our Speech Pathology & Audiology program published a paper based on their study abroad research entitled “Predicting Stuttering Severity Ratings by Timing and Tallying Dysfluencies Using Praat Software” in Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders, Vol . 43, pp. 106–114, Spring 2016:

Shannon F. Black (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Tayler M. Corcoran (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Danika L. DiPalma (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Susan E. Dixon (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Anne T. Gooch (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Lauren M. Hurlburt (B.S.Ed. ’13, current M.Ed. student)
Ashton B. Murray (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Kathryn B. Potts (B.S.Ed. ’15)
Anna C. Schnizler (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Caitlin Secrist (B.S.Ed. ’15)
Roma Marisa Shickel (B.S.Ed. ’14, current M.Ed. student)

Filip Loncke, Professor, University of Virginia

and Paul Corthals, Professor, University College Ghent, Belgium

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