Class Notes Submitted in April, 2016

Grant Azdell (Ph.D. ’10 Higher Ed)  

Azdell and Nayor coverLiability and Risk Management: A Guide for Campus Professionals
by Grant L. Azdell (Ph.D. ’10 Higher Ed) and Greg Nayor (Ph.D. ’09 Higher Ed),
Paper Clip Communications, 2016.

This is their second co-authored book.

grant azdell

Grant Azdell's Curry Memory

“Old Ruffner (before the renovations). A Great faculty (Pusser, Gibbs, Duke, Brenaman)”

Lynne Beegle-Gebhard (B.S. ’87 Elem Ed) Lynn Beegle-Gebhardhas married her degree in education with her equestrian career and opened her own equestrian center, Brookhill Farm Inc. in Charlottesville, Va. As owner, head trainer and instructor, Lynne develops safe, smart and healthy horses and riders in her program. Brookhill offers the Virginia area and beyond an opportunity to achieve their equestrian goals, whether they are a weekend fox hunt rider or becoming a professional rider. Lynne’s program also includes a successful Interscholastic Equestrian Association (I.E.A.) Team for middle school and high school students. Team participants have the opportunity to letter for their school while they build confidence, learn invaluable teamwork lessons and become strong riders. Brookhill also provides a diverse lesson program, summer riding camp, clinics from Olympic trainers and riders and local events and shows.

Hank T. Cardwell (M.T. ’03 Sci Ed) and Lauren Rooker Cardwell (Col ’02) welcomed a son, Omri Taft, in May 2015. Omri joins sister Lottie May and brothers Lem Thompson and Clayton Scott.

Gene C. Crume, Jr. (Ph.D. ‘00 Higher Ed) served as the closing plenary speaker at the Thirteenth Annual Institute For Emotional Intelligence, sponsored by the Emotional Intelligence Training and Research Institute. Crume’s presentation was “Emotional Intelligence as a Catalyst for Visionary Leadership: Exploring a New Vision.” The conference was held on April 21-22 in Corpus Christi, Tex.

Elizabeth S. Hasseltine (B.S. Ed. ’15, current M.Ed. student, Speech Path & Aud) and the following colleagues from our Speech Pathology & Audiology program published a paper based on their study abroad research entitled “Predicting Stuttering Severity Ratings by Timing and Tallying Dysfluencies Using Praat Software” in Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders, Vol . 43, pp. 106–114, Spring 2016:

Shannon F. Black (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Tayler M. Corcoran (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Danika L. DiPalma (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Susan E. Dixon (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Anne T. Gooch (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Lauren M. Hurlburt (B.S.Ed. ’13, current M.Ed. student)
Ashton B. Murray (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Kathryn B. Potts (B.S.Ed. ’15)
Anna C. Schnizler (B.S.Ed. ’14)
Caitlin Secrist (B.S.Ed. ’15)
Roma Marisa Shickel (B.S.Ed. ’14, current M.Ed. student)

Filip Loncke, Professor, University of Virginia

and Paul Corthals, Professor, University College Ghent, Belgium

David Gesualdi (M.Ed. ’08 Kines) is a National Finalist (top 10) for the 2016 Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. This prize sponsored by The New Teacher Project shines a spotlight on great teachers across the country. It awards $25,000 and a seat in a one-of-a-kind summer residency to four winners. Here’s what they said about David:

“You might not always associate health and physical education with challenging academics. But in David Gesualdi’s classroom, students engage in challenging texts, connected assignments, and self-directed instruction, all with the aim of understanding and attaining physical wellbeing and healthy habits to last a lifetime. It’s clear that David has had a major influence on his students’ lives—for the last three years of his (thus far) nine-year career, he has achieved a rating of highly effective by DCPS.”

David Gesualdi's Curry Memory

“I wanted to thank [Dr. Martin Block and Dr. Luke Kelly] for my experience at U.Va back in 2008.  I look back on those memories fondly, and I strongly believe that your modeling and demeanor has rubbed off on me, as there has never been a physical and health educator to reach the top 100, let alone the top 10 nationally.  This experience has been very humbling and rewarding, and I attribute my teaching success to the strong educational and inclusion-foundation approach that I received at U.Va.  Thank you again, and kudos to the Curry School– From my knowledge, this is the first time that a Curry Grad and an APE grad has made it to the national finals as well!!!

Stephanie Glover Keller (M.Ed. ’13 SAPHE) Stephanie Glover and friendsmarried Thomas Keller on March 5, 2016, in New Bern, NC. Many Curry classmates were in attendance to celebrate!

Stephanie Glover Keller's Curry Memory

“I met some of my best friends at Curry. In fact, through a Curry classmate and friend, Sarah Keller, I met my husband, who happened to be Sarah’s brother!”

Mary Alexander Gordon (M.T. ‘10 Elem Ed) and Derek Bradley Murray (M.T. ’10 Spec Ed) were married at the UVA Chapel on Nov. 7, 2015. The couple lives in Northern Virginia, where Ms. Murray teaches in Alexandria and Mr. Murray teaches in Vienna.

Emily Handy (M.Ed. ’14 SAPHE) Emily Handy and Scott Lathamand Scott Latham (M.P.P. ’13, Ph.D. ’16 Ed Pol Studies) got engaged on April 8, 2016, on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. They will be moving to Palo Alto, Calif., this summer, where Emily will begin her role at Stanford University as Manager of Student and Young Alumni Outreach. Scott will also be taking a role at Stanford University through postdoctoral work in Stanford’s Center for Education Research.

Trina Hoffman (M.Ed. ’15 Kines) is a nationally certified and state-licensed athletic trainer who joined Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Sports Medicine Program in 2015. While working on her master’s degree at Curry she served as a graduate assistant athletic trainer for the UVA softball program. On Saturday, April 9, Trina threw out the first pitch at the UVA softball game against Syracuse, which was dedicated in honor of breast cancer awareness.