Curry Class Note

Anthony Pisani

Anthony Pisani (M.Ed. ’97, Ph.D. ’01 Clin & School Psych) and Daniel Murrie (M.Ed. ’98, Ph.D. ’02 Clin & School Psych) co-authored “Prevention-Oriented Suicide Risk Assessment: Planning Not Prediction” for the Director’s Corner of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s The Weekly Spark. The newsletter piece is based on their article “Reformulating Suicide Risk Formulation: From Prediction to Prevention” coauthored with Morton Silverman,  which originally appeared in Academic Psychiatry. Pisani is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics in the Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide at the University of Rochester. Murrie is a professor in UVA’s Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences. He serves as the Institute of Law, Psychiatry, & Public Policy’s Director of Psychology.


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