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Mark Angle

Mark Angle (M.Ed. ’98 C&I; Ed.D. ’02 Admin & Supv) Mark Anglewas offered a three year contract following the Jan. 11, 2016, meeting of the Douglas County School District #15 (Days Creek) Board of Directors, in which board members held an executive session to evaluate Angle’s performance. Angle is the district superintendent. On return to regular session, the board voted unanimously to offer Angle a three-year contract that will bring consistency in leadership to the school district through the 2018-19 school year.

The board cited Angle’s effective communication with the board, employees, parents and the community. Under Angle’s leadership, the district has launched a new website that is regularly updated, and has made use of social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram, and has turned around its enrollment decline from 19 percent in 2014-15 to a 25 percent enrollment increase this year.

Additionally, the board praised Angle for improvements in employee and student morale, which some indicated have reduced discipline problems requiring board action. Angle’s money management and staff development skills also drew praise.

Angle is completing his first year in the dual role of superintendent and principal. He was the Days Creek Student Success Coordinator when he assumed his leadership role on July 1.

In response to the board’s offer, Angle said, “I am humbled by this vote of confidence and will strive to meet the board’s expectations. I love this job, the students and employees, and this community. It is an honor to serve.”

Angle reported to the board that through funding from The Ford Family Foundation, the district is partnering with the Institute for Research and Reform in Education to gather baseline data around the “Give Me Five” initiative that was implemented this year. Through teacher surveys, student surveys, and classroom visits, data will be analyzed to help shape the Comprehensive Improvement Plan that will lead the school district’s ongoing improvement efforts during the next three to five years.

In addition to the extended contract and recognition within the Days Creek district, the Douglas Education Service District recently nominated Angle for a national “Superintendents to Watch” program that acknowledges new superintendents (no more than five years of superintendent experience) for exceptional leadership in district communication and embracing both traditional
and new communication methods (like social media) to engage the district and connect with the community.

“Dr. Mark Angle is clearly a superintendent to watch as he continues to turn around the Days Creek School District  from one struggling for enrollment and community buy in, into a regional leader among small districts,” said Michael Lasher, Douglas ESD Superintendent and Executive Director of the Oregon Small Schools Association, in a letter of support of the nomination.

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