Curry Class Note

Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams (M.T. ’05 Soc Studies Ed; Ph.D. ’15 Admin & Supv) was one of four DC Public Schools assistant principals to receive a 2015 Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective Leadership. For the past two years he has been working with Schools Without Walls at the Francis-Stevens Education Campus. DCPS just announced that Williams will become the first principal of a new all-male high school. The school, to be located at the former Ron Brown Middle School in Ward 7, will open in August 2016. Ben was featured in the Washington Post on Jan. 10, 2016:

“My father never met me. My mom was a prostitute,” Williams said. “My mother was a heroin fiend. I basically became the head of my household at the age of 3.”

D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson tapped Williams to be the principal of the city’s first all-male public high school, and he wants prospective students to know that whether they come from a foster home or care for their younger siblings, a prosperous career is still a possibility.

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