Curry Class Note

Stewart Roberson

Stewart Roberson (B.S. ’81 Soc Stud Ed; M.Ed. ’81, Ed.D. ’87 Admin & Supv) explained the roles and responsibilities of a school superintendent in the Oct. 24, 2015, edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

…The success of this regional relationship is found in how the superintendents share many common experiences and beliefs as the chief executive officers and chief educational leaders of the school districts and communities they serve. Let me answer a few key questions about this vital position.

Q. How has the role of superintendent evolved through the history of public education?

Since its introduction in the early 1800s, the position has evolved incrementally, becoming more extensive, complex, and demanding. The phases of evolution have included emphases upon the superintendent as teacher-scholar, organizational manager, democratic statesman, applied social scientist and communicator. It is safe to assume that, today, all of these skills can be called upon any day of any year… Read more in “Roberson: It’s a calling, not just a job”


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