Curry Class Note

Lance Percy

Lance Percy (Ed.D. ’78 Couns Ed) Lance Percyteaches at Valencia College in Orlando, Fla. “The little time spent in semi-retirement did not suit me as I have always been a teacher, so decided to work as a professor at Valencia teaching a course for all new incoming freshmen. It is designed as a preview look for them into their next two or four year college experience, focusing on their Academic Plan, their Career Plan, and their Financial Plan, as well as the various resources available to them. It is a far cry from teaching Counseling courses, but in lieu of any opportunity to do so, this course has provided for me a challenge.”

Lance Percy's Curry Memory

“Have so many. My three years there provided me with some of the most endearing memories and opportunities to learn. My time with Russ Grieger, Bob Pate, Joe Tavormina, and Ken LaFleur gave me so much learning, and I am forever grateful. Now, at 72 years, I am enjoying a relaxed and easy finishing to my teaching career over the next few years.”

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