Curry Class Note

Joseph Quintano

Joseph Quintano (M.Ed. ’64, Ed.D. ’74 Couns Ed) Joseph Quintanorecently retired from private practice as a clinical psychologist in Washington, D.C., 1629 K St. NW, after about 30-plus years. (D.C. Lic. No. 663) Thanks to Dr Melvin A. Gravitz, PhD, psychologist DC, and Eric Weingarten, PhD, psychologist, DC. Government, Dept of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, not to mention the patient help of Dr Richard L Beard, Chairman, Counselor Education, U.Va. I think I was the first Counseling Clinical Psychologist the Counselor Education Dept. produced, and I think I set an example for others to follow and maybe even helped bring about changes in interdepartmental engagement and coursework development, hopefully for future students who wanted to be more than just a school counselor.

Joseph Quintano's Curry Memory

“I will never forget the time I went over to the psychological department’s library to use their resources to review some research I wanted to look up, and while doing so the chairman of the Psy Dept came into the library and asked me what I was doing there? I told him. Then he told me to get his permission in the future to use the psy library? WTF? My family had been paying real estate taxes and income taxes to the state of Virginia for years and I was an enrolled graduate student at the U. and this was a public U and a public library resource at he U and I had to ask his permission to use the facility? WTF? Since when does a student have to ask permission to use a U facility? I was told that he contacted my chairman of the Counselor Ed Dept. about the incident, and when he told me we had a good laugh. Needless to say I never asked his permission to use the library ever again nor would I ever do so in the future if I needed to use it again. What nerve?”

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