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Brook Sawyer

Brook Sawyer (Ph.D. ’03 Ed Psych: ADS) Brook Sawyer-webhas begun her fourth year as an assistant professor in the Teaching, Learning and Technology program at Lehigh University. “My current research is focused on interventions to support the language and literacy development of preschool children with disabilities and Spanish-English dual language learners. Formerly, I was a research scientist at Thomas Jefferson University and Temple University (both in Philadelphia). I live in the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania). I am married to Brett and have 2 children – Cade (almost 10) and Haley (7).

Brook Sawyer's Curry Memory

“Anything with Sara Rimm-Kaufman! Bob Pianta cautioning doctoral students, ‘Don’t get too attached to your data.’ (Meaning don’t be heartbroken if you don’t get the findings you wanted.) Words of wisdom indeed.

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