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Maggie Winzeler

Maggie Winzeler (B.S.Ed ’08 Kines) “I’m excited to be entering my last semester of graduate studies at Georgetown University. I have been studying Sports Industry Management and have loved how it complements my undergraduate studies in Kinesiology and my professional certifications. I’m currently working on my thesis: a business proposal for a new fitness franchise, to be launched in Washington, DC. I would love to share details with anyone who is interested in this aspect of the fitness industry and/or who may be in the DC metro region.

“I’m also happy to explain more about my graduate program, for anyone who may be interested in applying. Some incredible sports industry professionals are involved and have given the students access to networks across the globe. If you’re interested in sports industry media, PR, marketing, league management, facility operations, event planning, economics, data analysis, corporate responsibility, global games, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out!”

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