Curry Class Note

Linda Hollingsworth

Linda Hollingsworth (M.Ed. ’04 Speech Path & Aud) is still working as a speech-language pathologist for Loudoun County Public Schools. “I still have a middle school as my home base, but have ventured into different age groups and locations this year to cover staffing needs. These have included preK, elementary and high school students, as well as some clients at alternative locations. All very interesting in different ways but my heart still belongs to the sixth, seventh and eighth graders. My first grandchild is coming up to 2 years. His parents are very annoying and refuse to relocate to the US and live on my street. Ironically, he was born with Pierre-Robin sequence and associated cleft palate. His palate was repaired in two stages (velum first), and he has received intensive speech-language therapy. I was able to attend his initial surgical consultations at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital — a national craniofacial center in the UK. Needless to say he is gorgeous, very smart and vocal.”

Linda Hollingsworth's Curry Memory

“Dr. Robey patiently explaining z/T scores in statistics one long hot summer. I passed the class only because of his ability to reduce the numbers and ideas to the level of an imbecile. Yes, I can explain the difference between standardized tests and norm referenced tests and why raw scores must be converted to standard scores. Thank you!”

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