Curry Class Note

Frank Butts

Frank Butts (M.Ed. ’71, Ph.D. ’84 Speech Path & Aud) after forty years of practicing audiology in Virginia, he has retired to Litchfield, South Carolina. “We have established a fund in the Curry School in honor of my sister, Nancy Hall Butts and are looking forward to visiting often since we still have a son and family in Richmond.”

Frank Butts's Curry Memory

“In my last semester of my masters work in Audiology, I convinced some other students to brighten up the drab grey sound booth in Cabell Hall by painting it a canary yellow. We came in over the weekend and completed the job quickly with rollers. By Monday, the paint had dried and filled all the pores of the acoustic walls, ruining the function of the booth. It took three weeks with a paper clip to punch out the several thousand holes to restore the booth’s function. They still let me graduate.”

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