Curry Class Note

Edna (Edie) Babbitt

Edna (Edie) Babbitt (M.Ed. ’97 Speech Path & Aud) is interested in learning how the brain changes following aphasia treatment through neuro-imaging and in exploring through qualitative research methods how aphasia affects people.

She is completing her Ph.D. as an independent student with the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, with a focus on outcomes from Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Programs. She has worked as a research speech language pathologist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago since 2000. Research projects have included designing and implementing computerized aphasia treatment programs using an avatar and cortical stimulation via epidural implants/transcranial direct current stimulation in conjunction with aphasia therapy. She received Board Certification from the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences in 2006.

She has published articles in Aphasiology, Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, and American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology on the Communication Confidence Rating Scale for Aphasia and outcomes from intensive aphasia programs.

Edna (Edie) Babbitt's Curry Memory

“The challenge of Dr. Robey’s neuroanatomy class, which fueled my fascination with the workings of the brain. That and 10c wings on Tuesday nights with Kim Cascio.”

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