Curry Class Note

Barbara Rosen

Barbara Rosen (M.T. ’00 Health & PE) was featured in the U.Va. Magazine July E-Newsletter:

Everyone knows that certain jingle you sometimes hear out in the front yard during the summer, the unmistakable sound of an ice cream truck rolling by. Soon, there’s a frantic hunt for loose change and spare dollar bills, as children and adults alike can be heard crying out, “The ice cream man is coming! The ice cream man is coming!”

I remember calling out the same thing when I was young, and as far back as I can remember I dreamed that one day I would sell ice cream and sweets just like him, to own a place that created such excitement in people, especially children.

As I got older, I became interested in fitness too, and wanting very much to be around children and have a meaningful influence in their lives, I decided to combine two of my passions and become an elementary physical education teacher. I’ve loved every moment of it.

Still, every now and then, I’d hear that ice cream truck jingle sounding in the back of my mind.

So two years ago, at the age of 46, I saw 50 coming up on the horizon and decided if I ever wanted to live out my childhood dream, to have all my passions realized, I had better do what I tell my students all the time: Get moving.

Read the full story in The Ice Cream Lady: Charlottesville physical education teacher sells sweets on the side.

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