Class Notes Submitted in July, 2015

Marcia Anderson (M.Ed. ’75 Speech Path & Aud) just retired from a 39 year career as a speech-language pathologist working with pediatric and adult patients in a variety of settings including public schools, rehab settings, outpatient clinics, inpatient and outpatient hospitals, private practice, nursing homes, home health and a facility for the deaf. “I have enjoyed all my patients over the years and will miss therapy, but look forward to traveling more with my husband Danny. I also enjoy following the Hoos in basketball and baseball and enjoy attending games when I can. I love to exercise and swim almost daily, walk, hike and am taking golf lessons. I stay busy with my friends, family and church.

“My husband and I took a wonderful trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon recently. We also went to Myrtle Beach and visited with a good friend from college, Shirley Mace. We will be traveling to Europe on a river boat cruise later in the year. I am looking forward to going to the US tennis Open in September with my 3 of my best tennis friends. Retirement sure keeps me busy! I would love to hear from other college friends and hear what they have been doing.”

Marcia Anderson's Curry Memory

“I loved to play tennis after class with my best friend Shirley Chappell Mace (M.Ed. ’75 Speech Path & Aud). We still keep in touch and enjoy getting together.”

Edna (Edie) Babbitt (M.Ed. ’97 Speech Path & Aud) is interested in learning how the brain changes following aphasia treatment through neuro-imaging and in exploring through qualitative research methods how aphasia affects people.

She is completing her Ph.D. as an independent student with the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, with a focus on outcomes from Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Programs. She has worked as a research speech language pathologist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago since 2000. Research projects have included designing and implementing computerized aphasia treatment programs using an avatar and cortical stimulation via epidural implants/transcranial direct current stimulation in conjunction with aphasia therapy. She received Board Certification from the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences in 2006.

She has published articles in Aphasiology, Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, and American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology on the Communication Confidence Rating Scale for Aphasia and outcomes from intensive aphasia programs.

Edna (Edie) Babbitt's Curry Memory

“The challenge of Dr. Robey’s neuroanatomy class, which fueled my fascination with the workings of the brain. That and 10c wings on Tuesday nights with Kim Cascio.”

Kelly Ball (B.S.Ed. ’95 Speech Path & Aud) recently completed the Emerging Leaders program through the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. She served as president of the Georgia Speech-Language Hearing Association from 2011-2014. In addition, she serves on the Georgia Therapy Trialliance.

Frank Butts (M.Ed. ’71, Ph.D. ’84 Speech Path & Aud) after forty years of practicing audiology in Virginia, he has retired to Litchfield, South Carolina. “We have established a fund in the Curry School in honor of my sister, Nancy Hall Butts and are looking forward to visiting often since we still have a son and family in Richmond.”

Frank Butts's Curry Memory

“In my last semester of my masters work in Audiology, I convinced some other students to brighten up the drab grey sound booth in Cabell Hall by painting it a canary yellow. We came in over the weekend and completed the job quickly with rollers. By Monday, the paint had dried and filled all the pores of the acoustic walls, ruining the function of the booth. It took three weeks with a paper clip to punch out the several thousand holes to restore the booth’s function. They still let me graduate.”

Charlene Christie (M.Ed. ’79 Speech Path & Aud) Charlene Christieis the owner of Sign Language Professionals, Inc., providers of ASL and Foreign Language interpreting and translating service, Braille document preparation, Real Time and Post Production Captioning services.

Charlene Christie's Curry Memory

“Studying on the Lawn. Late-night Grillswiths paired with good friends.”

Sheila Chrobak (B.S.Ed. ’94 Speech Path & Aud) now in her eighth year of private practice, is excited to announce that Dot to Dot: Pediatric Speech Language Therapy LLC, will be relocating to a new space at 2300 Commonwealth Drive, Suite C, Charlottesville, VA 22901, on August 1, 2015.

Sheila Chrobak's Curry Memory

“Remember those two tiny little buildings next to the gas station on the corner of Emmet and Ivy/University Avenue across from the Cavalier Inn? You know, the ones that have since been completely demolished and replaced with the beautiful Carr’s Hill Field? Well, that’s where I decided that I was going to become a pediatric speech language pathologist….best decision I could have made. I love my career, feeling challenged each and every day, and the process of continually learning and growing in the field.”

Jennifer Drohosky (M.Ed. ’97 Speech Path & Aud) has been with the Children’s Hospital Colorado for almost eight years, serving as the Cochlear Implant Program Coordinator. “I am certified by the American Board of Audiology, with specialty certifications in Pediatric Audiology and Cochlear Implants. I recently married, and my husband and I enjoy spending time with our dogs, fly fishing, skiing, and camping in the Colorado outdoors.”

Sarah Gaillard (B.S. Ed. ’06 Speech Path & Aud) is owner and practitioner of Speech Success, LLC. “It has been up and running for approximately a year in the Summerville, S.C., area and serves the pediatric population in homes and daycares.  Baby boy Gaillard is due in September.

Michael Guthrie (B.S. ’75 Health & PE; M.Ed. ’76 Couns Ed) Michael Guthriereceived the first-place award for best documentary or public affairs program from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters for “Conversation on Aging,” a segment that aired on his weekly Real Estate Matters radio show on 1070-WINA. On the show, Mr. Guthrie, who is a broker for and chief executive officer of Roy Wheeler Realty Co. in Charlottesville, and his guests discuss matters influencing the real estate market in the area. Real Estate Matters with Michael Guthrie

Michael Guthrie's Curry Memory

“Small classes providing great professor/student interaction”

Mary Harrell Bryan (M.Ed. ’07 Speech Path & Aud) and her family recently moved to Tuscaloosa, Ala., where she and her husband accepted positions with The University of Alabama. “I am a clinical supervisor/instructor in the Communicative Disorders department. In addition to supervising graduate and undergraduate students in our campus Speech and Hearing Center, I plan to teach 2 courses this fall: Intro to Communication Disorders and Phonetics. My husband, Ross Bryan, is enjoying his new position as assistant dean of the Honors College, and our 2 daughters, Ella (5) and Lottie (2) are thriving in their new environment!

Mary Harrell Bryan's Curry Memory

“I am grateful for the education I received while at the University of Virginia. Gaining quality experiences with adults and children has prepared me well to work as a speech-language pathologist in a variety of settings.”