Curry Class Note

Luke Saechao

Luke Saechao (M.Ed. ’07 Admin & Supv) is the regional adult education program manager at Central Virginia Adult Education Center in Madison Heights, Va., “a position that allows him to help improve the lives of others when adult students obtain their GED credential. And for Saechao, learning comes not only in the form of a book but through other people. Per the advice of a former superintendent, Saechao has comprised his own personal board — mentors with whom he regularly meets and receives personal feedback. One of those board members is Kevin Latham, a former principal at E.C. Glass. Saechao is a man of ‘impeccable character,’ Latham said. ‘He is driven because he believes he can make a difference for the people he’s serving and that makes him such a great educator. He doesn’t talk a lot about himself, he talks about what it takes to get the job done. He is focused on making a difference.’”

Read the full article, Madison Heights man’s pursuit: gaining knowledge and sharing it, in the News & Advance.

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