Curry Class Note

Julia Habel Thompson

Julia Habel Thompson (M.Ed. ’87 Soc Fdns) retired from teaching at Woodrow Wilson H.S. two years ago, where she was honored on two occasions as a Highly Effective teacher at the Kennedy Center. “Since then, I have moved on to teach of AP English, Honors 10 English, and ESL at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, a lovely ‘retirement’ job. I will return there next fall for year 3 and add English 4 as another class I will have taught there. I stay busy travelling in between my work and spent last summer in Cornwall researching family lore and locales, both helpful in the writing of my novel. I hope to return to Siberia to teach once I ‘fully retire’ and once the 14 + hours a day it takes to teach 6 classes becomes too much.”

Julia Habel Thompson's Curry Memory

“My travel-study ventures with a Curry school professor — 1st to England and later to Russia during the still then Communist era — were life changing. Later I returned to England to do graduate work in English at Oxford, and I have been to Russian four times. Most recently I lectured in English as a Foreign Language at Novosibirsk State University, and when/if I return, I hope both to teach again (possibly in Tuva) and to spend time with the numerous orphans in that region. I think few of us can fathom what it would be like not to have had any parent at a young page, and I hope to be a presence to some degree at some point.”

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