Curry Class Note

Anne C. Hayes

Anne C. Hayes (Ph.D. ’12 Soc Fdns) is Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Special Projects and the Coordinator of Campus Within Walls at Southside Virginia Community College in Keysville, Va. “Our Campus Within Walls program is an important facet of Southside Virginia Community College’s mission.  We believe that all citizens should have educational opportunities and that includes incarcerated people in our service region.  The goal of these programs is to educate college-ready inmates, providing them with the opportunity to attain associate’s degrees and certificates while incarcerated. The result of this education is improvement of their chances for successful re-entry into society and the acquisition of meaningful employment.

“About the program: We offer an Associate degree in General Studies which is 61 credits (it’s our transfer degree for those interested in going on to a 4-year college or university) and an IT Certificate which is 35 credits.  Our students are very motivated and driven.  I recently finished two videos about our Campus Within Walls program.  Check them out!”

VIDEO: Students of Campus Within Walls

VIDEO: Faculty of Campus Within Walls

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