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Vera Woodson

Vera Woodson (M.Ed. ’03 Soc Fdns) Woodson cover

Scattered Shells: Hello Homecoming
by Vera Woodson,
Mascot Books, available April 15, 2015

Whoever said high school was easy, must have attended school online. Charlie faces the ups and downs of high school life with the entire social media spotlight surrounding every scene. Why do the head and heart always seem to disagree? Can any girl ever fall in love without falling head over heels into a ditch? Who decided a girl needs a date to Homecoming anyway? The best love story never written finally comes to life and puts names to all of those awkward moments you felt in the most secretive, annoying, and exciting adolescent world. Charlie, Tyler, and Kayla are three rock solid girlfriends, coming of age and growing stronger, as they help each other maneuver one of the most dramatic places on earth, high school. ISBN: 978-1-63177-065-4


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