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Lara Ashmore

Lara Ashmore (M.Ed. ’95, Ph.D. ’03 AV C&I) Lara Ashmore and Familywas recently appointed the assistant director of Technology, Innovation and Program Development for the Brain Performance Institute at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas Dallas.

Lara focuses on cultivating strategic partnerships and commercialization of Center for BrainHealth scientific discoveries and leads efforts to custom tailor requirements and solutions for integrated business platforms. In addition, she supports the growth of the Brain Performance Institute by providing oversight of the Virtual Reality Lab, the design and development of the online BrainHealth Physical, online Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART), new technology applications for adopting SMART strategies, and internal policies and procedures.

Lara has more than 22 years of Internet design, development and research expertise. Prior to joining the Brain Performance Institute, Lara founded Inspire Brilliance, a Dallas-based agency offering consultation services for strategic planning, project optimization and targeted research solutions by synergizing philanthropy, technology and innovation.

Her area of research during her doctoral work at the University of Virginia was Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences combined with advanced Internet technologies to increase learning outcomes. While completing her doctoral dissertation, Lara worked at the University of Virginia Advanced Technology Group in R&D and with America Online during the earliest stages of the World Wide Web era. Lara’s research interests include neuroengineering, wearable technologies, virtual and augmented reality, immersive learning environments, social impact and innovation.

Lara Ashmore's Curry Memory

“Spaghetti dinners at the Bunch’s house, late nights and weekends in Mable Kinzie’s computer lab, working as a grad assistant in the AV lab.”

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