Curry Class Note

Adrienne Gauthier

Adrienne Gauthier (M.Ed. ’03 AV C&I) “I’d like to share one of my most public projects with everyone! Dartmouth found it’s way into edX last year and we’re offering four introductory courses. I have the pleasure of leading our course team for the ENGSx course: The Engineering of Structures Around Us. This introductory course is designed around inquiry-based learning and constructivist pedagogies. Learners will be confronting their prior knowledge of various forces (compression, stress, sheer, tension, etc.) through probing questions, hands-on building with household items, investigating structural properties through applets, short video lessons, and thinking through a design challenge. Additionally, we were lucky to find a local illustrator who is helping us wrap a narrative (through illustration) around the course. It will be a blast! This is for all age levels and skills, though we are targeting marketing at high schoolers. There will be a component for teachers to discuss using these freely and openly available course materials in their own teaching. Join us in May? Watch our promo video here (and register!).  Also look for research articles and case studies to come out of the course team later in the year as we dig through edX data and get to know more about our learners.”

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