Class Notes Submitted in March, 2015

Amy Angelo (M.T. ’97 Spec Ed) is divorced from Dr. David Cohen (CLAS 1996) and currently resides in Arlington, Va. “I have invested in a start-up company called Mutatio Formulae LLC. The mission of this company is to promote a historically accurate, fact-driven, fact-based society through music, literature, and the arts. For more information on this company, and its founder George Estrada, please visit “The Amazing Phenomena (Story) of Jorge Estrada,” on YouTube. I am featured in snippets meeting the former drummer for James Brown, Robert Mousy Thompson, the former guitar player for Bob Marley, Julian Junior Marvin, and other amazing musicians. I also continue to work in the field of education, as a first grade teaching assistant in Fairfax County Public Schools.”

Amy Angelo's Curry Memory

“Serving as the Student Virginia Education Association President with Tamara Josaitis Gordon as a fellow leader and eating meals at the Corner and at the home of Eleanor Wilson, our faculty sponsor. Working on the thesis project with Hannah Meshorer Ruble, Melissa Register Van Geisen, and Tina Skullman Bowman in Tina’s lawn room in 1997.”

Lara Ashmore (M.Ed. ’95, Ph.D. ’03 AV C&I) Lara Ashmore and Familywas recently appointed the assistant director of Technology, Innovation and Program Development for the Brain Performance Institute at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas Dallas. (more…)

Lara Ashmore's Curry Memory

“Spaghetti dinners at the Bunch’s house, late nights and weekends in Mable Kinzie’s computer lab, working as a grad assistant in the AV lab.”

Jennifer Bacon (M.Ed. ’04 Spec Ed)

Book coverSisters in the Dissertation House: A Dissertation Narrative
by Jennifer Nicole Bacon, Ph.D.,
New Forums Press, 2014.

This book addresses the experiences of women of color doctoral students who create sisterhood and community (primarily through blogging) during the dissertation writing process to complete their Ph.Ds.
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Julie Bell (M.T. ’13 Soc Studies Ed) Julie Bellis finishing her second year at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Va., and was nominated for the school’s “Teacher of the Year” award this past December.

Julie Bell's Curry Memory

“One of my favorite Curry memories is Prof. van Hover’s methods class where we played “Ancient Greek March Madness” to learn how to use review games with students. Our cohort went all out and spoke in sports announcer voices while debating who would win in key matchups, like Pythagoras v. Zeus (Zeus would triumph, obviously) and Socrates v. Alexander the Great (I think Socrates was the Cinderella story). I use this activity with my Ancient History students too!”

Sheri Caligan (M.T. ’00 Elem Ed) earned National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification as an Early Childhood Generalist.

Virginia Epstein (M.Ed. ’05 C&I) is excited to be teaching fashion illustration at John Tyler’s Fool for Art (April 18) in addition to a week long camp-style class at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Summer Discovery this July. Gennyville/Facebook

Virginia Epstein's Curry Memory

“The talented student artists at Collegiate who helped make my creativity research a little more fun.”

Diana Everett (M.Ed. ’71 Spec Ed) Diana Everettretired from teaching gifted girls at The Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio and is now enjoying teaching a thing or two to her five grandchildren! Putting her U.Va. Master’s Degree in Special Education to good use, she has taught children with Down Syndrome and learning disabilities as well.

Diana Everett's Curry Memory

“The Special Ed department was in Peabody Hall, and I believe that the program was very new. It was also the first year women were admitted. I remember Douglas P. Howard and Dr. Payne, two of the professors, and I can see the faces of the others but the names have escaped me. Our department was small but close, and I would so very much like to have a list of the names of my Class of 1971 Graduate Education classmates! I remember Dr. Carriker….and I believe a holiday party at his house. I remember Sensitivity Training and did NOT like that…it was strange.”

Kristi Flack (M.Ed. ’94 Elem Ed) works as an instructional coach with the VISTA (Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement) Grant Project. This summer she will work as a curriculum specialist for VISTA during the Elementary Summer Institute at Virginia Tech, where teachers throughout the western part of Virginia will spend one month learning about problem-based inquiry science strategies.

Adrienne Gauthier (M.Ed. ’03 AV C&I) “I’d like to share one of my most public projects with everyone! Dartmouth found it’s way into edX last year and we’re offering four introductory courses. I have the pleasure of leading our course team for the ENGSx course: The Engineering of Structures Around Us. This introductory course is designed around inquiry-based learning and constructivist pedagogies. Learners will be confronting their prior knowledge of various forces (compression, stress, sheer, tension, etc.) through probing questions, hands-on building with household items, investigating structural properties through applets, short video lessons, and thinking through a design challenge. (more…)