Curry Class Note

Rob Dent

Rob Dent (M.T. ’00 Soc Studies Ed) , a career and technical education teacher at Jack Jouett Middle School, was featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Meet Your Educator series: “I cannot count the number of times people have said how difficult it must be to teach middle school students. I remember that when I was applying for a job, a pair of recruiters from Atlanta were incredulous that I was actually looking for a job in middle school rather than high school. Adolescence can certainly be a difficult time, but the reality is that middle schoolers have the same basic emotional needs and desires as everyone else: they want to feel successful, they want to have fun, and they want to know that we really care about them. When you keep this in mind, they become easier to understand, easier to work with, and easier to reach. And you will see that they are not such a difficult bunch after all.” Read more about Rob.

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