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Melody J. Tankersley

Melody J. Tankersley (Ph.D. ’92 Spec Ed) Enduring Issues in Special Education cover

Enduring Issues in Special Education
by Barbara Bateman, John W. Lloyd, and Melody Tankersley.
(Routledge, March 2015)

Lloyd is a Curry School professor of special education. Chapter authors include the following additional Curry connections:

  • Tiara Brown (Curry doctoral student)
  • Paige Pullen (Curry professor) and Dan Hallahan (Curry professor emeritus)
  • Diane Browder (M.Ed. ’76, Ph.D. ’81 Spec Ed)
  • Melissa Driver (Curry doctoral student)
  • M. P. (Peggy) Weiss (M.Ed. ’92, Ph.D. ’99 Spec Ed)
  • Kat Alves (Curry doctoral student)
  • Andrew Wiley (M.T. ’96, Ph.D. ’08 Spec Ed)
  • Shanna Hirsch (Curry doctoral student)
  • Sarah Dillon (Curry doctoral student)
  • Jim Kauffman (Curry professor emeritus)
  • Tim Landrum (B.S. ’83, Ph.D. ’90 Spec Ed)
  • Pat Lloyd (M.Ed. ’80 Elem Ed)


Enduring Issues in Special Education is aimed at any course in the undergraduate or graduate special education curriculum that is wholly or partly devoted to a critical examination of current issues in special education. The book organizes 28 chapters into seven sections using familiar structuring principles—what, who, where, how, when, why, and whither. Each section begins with an introduction that provides historical, legal, and theoretical background information and organizing commentary for the chapters that follow. The book’s objective, in addition to informing readers about the issues, is to develop critical thinking skills in the context of special education.

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