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Mary McManaway

Mary McManaway (M.Ed. ’57 Reading)  

Prince’s Cat Tale
by Mary McManaway,
Vantage Press (English: 2006; Spanish: 2011)

This book has been extremely popular with elementary age school students, as well as lovers of CATS! In many schools I have presented a PowerPoint slideshow presentation, through my book, to help children learn the importance of developing acceptable writing skills created by SOL standards.
Prince’s Cat Tale is the story of one of my cats, Prince, who was washed into a culvert during a summer rain storm. It tells of his survival along a creek bank. After many weeks he met an abandoned cat, Cocoa. They concluded they must figure a way for humans to find them. An incredible true story! Please read to discover their ingenious plan….
Northside High School, Roanoke, VA Spanish Club translated Prince’s Cat Tale from English to Spanish as class project.
This book now available, and can be used as a teaching tool English – Spanish : Spanish – English.

Mary McManaway's Curry Memory

“Sharing ideas during the many courses involved in learning to teach to learning styles of the CHILD. We had many good Laughs as we set up pretend classroom situations!!!”

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