Curry Class Note

Katie (LaPointe) Robison

Katie (LaPointe) Robison (M.T. ’01 Soc Studies Ed) Katie Robisonrecently went back to teaching after a 9-year break. “Originally I was a high school history and government teacher in Fairfax County, but I have now decided to pursue a career in special education. This change came after becoming the mother of five children, two of whom have disabilities. I felt that I could be of better use to the education community in the field of special education. I am thrilled that I was just hired to be a learning disabilities teacher at Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, Va. What’s even more exciting is that two of my children attend the school.”

Katie (LaPointe) Robison's Curry Memory

“I had a wonderful experience at the Curry School from 1999-2001 where I completed my Masters in Teaching in History. The strong foundation I got at U.Va. has been critical to my success as a teacher over the years.”

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