Class Notes Submitted in February, 2015

Grant Azdell (Ph.D. ’10 Higher Ed)  

Grant AzdellBehavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams: Going Beyond Threat Assessment
by Greg Nayor (Ph.D. ’10 Higher Ed) and Grant Azdell (Ph.D. ’10 Higher Ed).

Paper Clip Communications Press (2014).

The interactive book and companion CD offers campuses a “how-to” guide to establishing, improving and maintaining Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams on Campus.

Grant is Vice President for Student Affairs at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va. Greg is Vice President of Student Affairs at Daemen College in Amherst, N.Y.

Nancy Bowen (M.Ed. ’74 Math Ed) , a math teacher at Murray High School, was featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Meet Your Educator series: “I love the fact that there are so many digital resources to help students and teachers with learning. But frankly, I think there will always be a demand for math teachers who will help explain concepts.” Read more.

Eric Bredder (M.Ed. ’13 IT) was featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow‘s Meet Your Educator series. He is an engineering teacher at Sutherland Middle School. “I hope that in five years students can take their own approach to learning and that the teacher’s role will become more of a facilitator of learning while providing resources to create and build new ideas.” Read more of Bredder’s interview.

April Keck DeGennaro, Ph.D. (M.T. ’89 Elem Ed) April DeGenneroreceived the 2015 Gifted Program Teacher of the Year Award from the Georgia Association for Gifted Children. She is the Enrichment Teacher at Peeples Elementary School in Fayetteville, Ga., and chair-elect of the National Association of Gifted Children’s Global Awareness Network. DeGennaro was in the first class to graduate from the Curry with a post-graduate Masters in Teacher degree.

Rob Dent (M.T. ’00 Soc Studies Ed) , a career and technical education teacher at Jack Jouett Middle School, was featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Meet Your Educator series: “I cannot count the number of times people have said how difficult it must be to teach middle school students. I remember that when I was applying for a job, a pair of recruiters from Atlanta were incredulous that I was actually looking for a job in middle school rather than high school. Adolescence can certainly be a difficult time, but the reality is that middle schoolers have the same basic emotional needs and desires as everyone else: they want to feel successful, they want to have fun, and they want to know that we really care about them. When you keep this in mind, they become easier to understand, easier to work with, and easier to reach. And you will see that they are not such a difficult bunch after all.” Read more about Rob.

Emily Ely (Ph.D. ’14 Spec Ed) received the 2014 Dissertation Award from the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children in November 2014 at the annual conference in Indianapolis, Ind. The paper on which the award was based is titled “Improving instruction of future teachers: A multimedia approach that supports implementation of evidence-based vocabulary practices” and was published in the journal Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 44. Ely is an assistant professor at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Va.

She also won the The Brenda Loyd Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Virginia Educational Research Association in September 2014. The paper on which that award was based is “Use of instructional technology to improve teacher candidate knowledge of vocabulary instruction,” published in the journal Computers & Education, Vol. 75.


Michael Irani (Ed.D. ’14 Admin & Supv) after finally finishing his dissertation (“Thanks again to my committee!”), was appointed principal of Meriwether Lewis Elementary School in May 2014. “It has been a wonderful first year in the principalship, and I’d like to thank Curry for all it did to help prepare me for the position.” Twitter: @MichaelCIrani

Christine Jacobs (M.T. ’01 Spec Ed) , a math teacher at Jack Jouette Middle School, was featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Meet Your Educator series: “The most common misconception about my job is that I am a saint for teaching middle school. All too often people say, “You must have so much patience” or “Wow, I could never do that.” But I love it! I find adolescents to be at such a critical developmental age where all they want is for people to listen. They have the same needs as you or me. They are open, warm, funny and enjoyable to be around. I don’t consider myself a saint, I consider myself lucky. They teach me something everyday about patience, persistence and empathy.” Read more.

William McDermott (B.S.Ed, ’72 , M.Ed. ’76 Soc Fdns) Wiliam McDermott and Janet Maupinand Mate-for-Life JANET MAUPIN recently celebrated our fifth anniversary. All is well (just a bit behind schedule) at our Madison County farmette, where Janet is a bee keeper — keeping all our family members supplied with natural raw honey. First grandson will have his first birthday party late this month.

Mary McManaway (M.Ed. ’57 Reading)  

Prince’s Cat Tale
by Mary McManaway,
Vantage Press (English: 2006; Spanish: 2011)

This book has been extremely popular with elementary age school students, as well as lovers of CATS! In many schools I have presented a PowerPoint slideshow presentation, through my book, to help children learn the importance of developing acceptable writing skills created by SOL standards.
Prince’s Cat Tale is the story of one of my cats, Prince, who was washed into a culvert during a summer rain storm. It tells of his survival along a creek bank. After many weeks he met an abandoned cat, Cocoa. They concluded they must figure a way for humans to find them. An incredible true story! Please read to discover their ingenious plan….
Northside High School, Roanoke, VA Spanish Club translated Prince’s Cat Tale from English to Spanish as class project.
This book now available, and can be used as a teaching tool English – Spanish : Spanish – English.

Mary McManaway's Curry Memory

“Sharing ideas during the many courses involved in learning to teach to learning styles of the CHILD. We had many good Laughs as we set up pretend classroom situations!!!”