Curry Class Note

Rebecca Estes Gore

Rebecca Estes Gore (B.S. ’72) Rebecca Gore and familyafter more than 44 years of teaching recently retired. “I spent 20-plus years in Madison County, first as a substitute in the late 60’s and early 70’s while obtaining my degree at U.Va. Upon receiving my undergrad degree I taught Earth and Space Science and coached fast pitch softball at Madison County High School. During that time I also served on the U.Va. softball team’s summer camp staff, with head coach Sue Ross. I hosted on the MCHS field a double header game between U.Va. and George Mason, in 1986. In 1991, I left Madison and started teaching at Orange County High School where I taught Earth and Space Science as well as Astronomy and Oceanography. Prior to retiring I was a lead teacher and a department head. I also organized the very first Bass Fishing High School Tournament team in the US. This program became the model for the present, B.A.S.S. Nation High School Fishing Tournament Series Program. I now serve as the B.A.S.S. Nation – Virginia Youth Director. I obtained my MS Education Degree in 2009 from Longwood University, Farmville, Va., with a specialization as a K-12 Library Media Specialist.

Rebecca Estes Gore's Curry Memory

“Helpful advisors, Dr. Ertel Thompson, and professors — Dr. Lowry — and astronomy professors, Dr. Osvalds, and nights spent at McCormick Observatory. As a teacher, I have visited the observatory many time with students. I have returned to take classes in the Physics dept: both Nuclear and Astronomy.

“In the early 70’s I found it unfortunate that some professors in the college would not let me take their courses offered, i.e., Oceanography, because I was a woman at the University, even though I had excellent grades. As much as Dr. Thompson pleaded on my behalf, I had to wait and take the course at James Madison University. I am sure Curry women do not have that obstacle today.

“Additional memories: One day, attending a PE class in Mem Gym, Dr. Sullivan approached me with a U.Va. basketball uniform, His question was, ‘Did you play basketball in high school.’ My reply: ‘Yes Sir!’. ‘Then would you suit up tonight on the U.Va. team travel to Longwood to play in game against them.’ I would have loved to have said I played basketball at U.Va., but unfortunately, I had a major test the next day and felt it best I not go play basketball. Thinking back, I wish I had taken the offer.”

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